Charles Hamilton

Web Developer, Manager, Writer, Trainer, and Rail Advocate

I have been an advocate for an improved rail network for many years. Since the passage of the IIJA/BIL, I have worked to encourage communities throughout the Northwest to take advantage of the unprecedented funds available through Corridor ID, CRISI, and the various other grant programs.

Unfortunately, I find that many leaders on the state and local level are unaware of these programs. Therefore, through my work on behalf of All Aboard Northwest and All Aboard Washington, I have conducted workshops through our Train Treks, encouraged elected officials to participate our programs through our Whistle Stops, represented local communities with legislative testimony, planned and implemented Passenger Rail Summits, conducted informal meetings with community associations and clubs, and managed our social media outreach. I am pleased that these efforts have received considerable attention in the media.

I am also the founder and co-owner of Internet Development, where he is responsible for bringing together content, graphics, navigation and content management to make state-of-the-art websites for a diverse national client base of businesses and nonprofit organizations. I am an experienced website designer, trainer, consultant and manager, Dr. Hamilton writes about tech subjects

Dr. Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton, Seattle